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Top 20 LMI Questions Businesses Ask

Last modified on 07/05/2012 12:48 PM - By Anthony Dais


This Wiki seeks to identify the top 20 questions business customers ask the LMI and workforce and economic development systems.  Based on my many years of experience in the workforce development system, What I Know Is the following question are of greatest interest to business:   Please feel free to identify your top business FAQs and to suggest removing a question(s) from the list below.


1.         How much do we need to pay to attract good workers with the skills we need?
2.         For this area, what is considered a good benefits and compensation package?

3.         How do we write a job description that will attract candidates with the skills we need?

4.         Where can I find pre-employment testing rules and worker assessment guides?

5.         How can we identify potential business partners or competitor businesses in this region?

6.         Is there a sufficient workforce with the education we need to staff our new facility?

7.         Where can I advertise my open positions that will attract potential candidates?
8.         Where can I find the information I need to test whether this market will support our new business line?
9.         Will the economy continue to grow or decline?
10.     Are there any business incentives for hiring new workers?
11.     Can we get government help to defray the cost of new and current worker training?
12.     Where can I learn more about tax credits?
13.     Are there loan or grant programs available to help small businesses?
14.     How can the Local Workforce Boards business services staff help me to achieve cost-savings with recruitment and turnover?
15.     How can employers get assistance increasing the diversity of applicant pools and finding job seekers for vacancy announcements?
16.     Does your business service staff have industry-specific knowledge and expertise?
17.     What can the Workforce System do to convene regional employers?
18.      Is there available workforce in my area?
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