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About Us

An LMI WIN-WIN for Workforce Information Producers, Innovators, Suppliers, and Consumers

The Labor Market Information (LMI) Win-Win Network Community of Practice (or WIN-WIN, for short) is your leading source for new and innovative workforce information sources, and for advice on using LMI to improve your employment programs and policies. Community members include workforce information experts, producers and users. The U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration (ETA) operates the site, but data producers and users are free to submit new resources to the community, join a forum conversation, or provide feedback about the site itself.

By joining, you‘ll obtain workforce information and training materials which are available nowhere else on the Internet. In addition, you can keep abreast of new products, services and events from both government and private sector sources. WIN-WIN also enables you to share knowledge and ask questions of experts about LMI sources and how to best use them.

To reap these benefits now, please join our community. There’s no fee, and it only takes a moment. Once you’ve joined, here are a few tips to make the most of your membership.

  • Find Resources. Finding information is easy — just go to our Resources page, and review our five resource categories. Or type in a word or phrase in the Search box on any page. Our “Important Documents” are listed on the Home page, and we also use our Blogs to showcase important announcements. Our resources include technical assistance, coursework and how-to training (including Webinars and short podcasts), data tools, exemplary models of LMI products, and a list of important LMI organizations. We’ve recently set up special Webinar and Podcast categories on our homepage.
  • News. We’ve introduced a News feature on our homepage (right column) to highlight important issuances from primarily non-ETA sources.
  • Learn About Events. Click on Calendar to register for upcoming events, and learn about upcoming Webinars, conferences, and new data and reports.
  • Receive Regular Updates. When you join our Community, be sure to sign up for email updates so that you don't miss out on key events (many with limited-seating), and can learn about funding opportunities and new products right away. If you’re already a member, click on the Receive E-mail Updates button either here or on the homepage — we encourage you to select the first update option, “Community Digest (Daily).” In addition, we always list the most important new funding opportunities in Blogs on our Home page.
  • Participate in Discussions. On our Forum page you can obtain key information, ask questions, get answers, or share your own expertise. Topics include real-time data, occupational data, credentials and educational attainment data, data on specific populations (e.g., veterans and persons with disabilities), the American Community Survey, international data, economic intelligence, and lots more.
  • Share Your Own Resources. If you have resources that will benefit other community members, simply click Share Your Content.

Get Help. If you have questions about how to use this site, visit our Help page for step-by-step tutorials and videos. If you need further help, ask a question on one of our Forums (accessed from the Home page) or contact us at