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Work from Home on the Rise The U.S. Census Bureau recently reported that the practice of working from home, while still relatively infrequent, grew in the first decade of the millennium. The prevalence of home-based work grew not only among those who worked exclusively from home, but also among those who worked both at a conventional jobsite and from home (p. 4). Many of those who work from home are self-employed (almost half), continuing a past pattern (p. 8). However, most of the growth of home-based work is attributable not to the self-employed (whose likelihood of working from home did not change much between 2005 and 2010), but rather to increases in both private sector and government employees (p. 8). In most cases, the choice of working at a conventional jobsite or at home is not a voluntary choice, but determined by the employer or by the requirements of the job (p. 17). LMI Win-Win Network 792 0  10/16/2012
05:05PM EST