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Health Care Workforce Projections HHS's National Center for Health Workforce Analysis is scheduled to release various types of projections in late 2013 and 2014, but has many useful materials available now. We've just added a link to a November 2013 conference on Redesigning The Health Care Workforce. LMI Win-Win Network 1638 0  11/22/2013
06:20PM EST 
BLS Labor Force Projections to 2050 The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has just issued long-term labor force projections — to the year 2050. Unlike the better known 10-year projections, BLS issues these longer-term projections only sporadically (they were last published in 2006). Also unlike the 10-year projections, these data include no occupational of industry projections, but rather pertain to demographic variables such as gender, age, race, and Hispanic origin. LMI Win-Win Network 797 0  11/07/2012
02:10PM EST