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Guide to State and Local Workforce Data, Innovations in Labor Market Intelligence, Workforce Information Catalogue, WIN/WIN Listening Session summary, WIGS TEGL, WIA statute, etc.
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LMI Customers and Their Needs WIC Study Group Report 3070N/A   
Real-Time LMI 292N/A   
BLS Handbook of Methods, Chapter 13, Employment Projections 2862606 03/14/11 09:33PM07/21/09 12:53PM
Catalogue of Workforce Information Sources: Decision Making Assistance 2976706 05/20/09 03:48PM05/20/09 03:48PM
Challenges for LMI Innovation in Maine 2472460 03/28/11 07:59PM03/28/11 07:57PM
Data & Job Ads in Multi-Purpose E-Tools (NEW) Download Now 63861511 05/21/13 02:53PM05/21/13 02:51PM
Guide to State and Local Workforce Data, 3rd Edition (NEW UPDATE) Download Now 143445202 08/07/15 05:09PM03/04/13 06:00PM
Guide to State and Local Workforce Data: 2875565 12/13/10 12:00PM12/10/10 01:18PM
Guide To State And Local Workforce Data: For Analysis And Informed Decision Making Download Now 30031033 10/07/11 04:36PM04/01/11 12:07PM
High School Coursework Over 3 Decades Download Now 1335767 09/10/13 11:22AM09/09/13 06:55PM
High School Test Scores in 8 Subjects Download Now 2162855 09/06/13 10:53AM09/05/13 08:09PM
Illuminate Regional Aug 2007 2911628 05/18/09 12:30PM05/18/09 12:30PM
Internet Links to State and Local Employment Projections - .doc Download Now 4181998 01/31/13 12:29PM05/02/12 11:24AM
Key Alternate Workforce Data Sources (including Workforce System Strategies) Download Now 43451159 03/04/13 06:07PM01/29/13 11:23PM
Links to Longitudinal Surveys Download Now 4018858 08/16/12 07:05PM05/01/12 12:00AM
LMI Meeting Customer Needs Download Now 27991334 03/16/12 05:53PM03/16/12 05:42PM
NOT Hitting the Books — Limited Homework and Studying Time in High School and College Download Now 1387737 09/18/13 04:45PM09/16/13 06:44PM
Putting America to Work: The Essential Role of Federal Labor Market Statistics 2499483 03/28/11 01:51PM03/28/11 01:51PM
PY 2012 Workforce Information Grants to States TEGL 3224549 02/11/13 02:36PM05/02/11 03:45PM
Quick-Lesson Workforce Data Podcast Series (NEW) 25700 05/31/13 03:33PM07/31/12 02:39PM
Skimming for Skills: Finding Skills Data Download Now 17981446 09/17/13 01:27PM08/14/13 06:56PM
We’ve Got Your Number(s) — Key Workforce Trends (NEW) 62690 09/18/13 06:33PM07/23/13 02:43PM
WEBINAR BONUS: STATE/LOCAL DATA SOURCES Download Now 1655990 12/16/13 01:46PM09/26/13 01:00PM
WIGS Annual Reports 2975662 03/15/11 09:03AM04/21/09 10:51AM
WIGS Annual Reports and WIGS Annual Economic Analysis Reports 2947595 04/21/09 12:06PM04/21/09 10:49AM
WIN-WIN Summary of Listening Sessions Download Now 3037848 10/15/09 04:32PM09/08/09 01:12PM
Workforce Information Innovation Network (WIN/WIN) Charter Download Now 2815653 10/07/11 05:09PM04/01/11 12:15PM