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The resources section contains all content that has been posted to date for this community of practice. Common resources might include best practices, replicable models, implementation plans, recorded webinars, videos, research documents, and data reports. Content is typically categorized in topic related folders.
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e.g., WIC, PMP, ARC, NASWA LMI Directors’ Committee, LMI Training Institute, BLS, Census Bureau, BEA, etc.
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Analyst Resource Center 1240449 08/16/12 03:11PM04/21/09 10:06AM
Bureau of Economic Analysis - Regional Economic Accounts 1082316 04/29/09 10:43AM04/21/09 12:01PM
Bureau of Labor Statistics 374146 03/11/11 01:56PM03/11/11 01:56PM
Census Bureau- Local Employment Dynamics 378135 03/11/11 02:00PM03/11/11 02:00PM
Labor Market Information Training Institute 1073357 04/01/11 01:52PM04/21/09 10:40AM
Manpower Employment Outlook Survey (MEOS) 964348 09/17/09 09:40AM09/17/09 09:40AM
NASWA LMI Directors Committee 1270330 04/01/11 01:57PM04/21/09 10:44AM
Projection Managing Partners 990337 04/01/11 01:58PM04/21/09 10:48AM
U.S. Census Bureau 389141 04/01/11 02:01PM03/11/11 01:58PM
Workforce Information Council 1107333 04/01/11 02:01PM05/01/09 10:54AM