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e.g., green jobs, compensation, economic development, disaster assistance, data mapping, etc.). I think that we ought to have subcategories for each topic, so make things easier to find. We can have an initial sub-category called “General” for those resources that cover LMI more or less across the board (or if there are enough of these, we can make it a separate main heading.
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Pennsylvania LMI Reports and Presentations 735N/A   
2012 Lower Living Standard Income Level Guideline Issued: 853240 04/18/12 09:22AM04/17/12 10:53AM
2013 Lower Living Standard Income Level Guideline Issued 1166215 04/01/13 03:39PM04/01/13 03:36PM
2015 Labor Surplus Area List Download Now 1687598 10/07/14 12:19PM09/16/14 01:21PM
Administrative Data Sources Download Now 5901309 05/25/12 02:51PM05/22/12 05:22PM
Agricultural Workers Survey: History & Methods Download Now 508242 04/23/13 05:02PM04/22/13 07:03PM
Aligning Community Colleges to Their Local Labor Markets 445161 09/30/11 10:20AM09/30/11 10:20AM
August 2011 Real-Time Jobs Report Download Now 543574 05/15/12 01:24PM08/10/11 10:51AM
BLS Employment Projections to 2020: 603241 04/18/12 09:25AM04/17/12 10:43AM
BLS Webinars on Compensation Download Now 648456 09/11/12 05:42PM09/11/12 05:42PM
Brookings Institution LMI Forum Real Time Labor Market Information 863331 03/28/11 06:17PM03/28/11 06:17PM
Career OneStop Regional Economic Portal 1960709 07/30/12 05:04PM04/21/09 10:08AM
Definitions for the Education and Training Classification System 396151 03/28/11 06:49PM03/28/11 06:49PM
Dislocated Worker Survey Results Released Download Now 711291 09/18/12 10:04AM09/17/12 04:43PM
DOL Chief Economist on “Labor Market Policies and Data Analysis” Download Now 881434 06/04/12 11:16AM06/04/12 11:15AM
Education Demand and The Future of American Labor Markets 432164 03/28/11 05:54PM03/28/11 05:54PM
Experimental Data Set of Occupations on Proposed Education and Training Classification System 401143 03/28/11 07:42PM03/28/11 07:42PM
Federal Labor Market Statistics System 402151 03/30/11 08:39AM03/30/11 08:39AM
Finding Employment-Related Veterans Data Download Now 1451595 11/15/13 10:41AM11/15/13 10:40PM
Fiscal Year 2014 List of Labor Surplus Areas Download Now 826765 11/01/13 11:12AM07/01/13 10:48AM
Forthcoming Survey on Certifications Download Now 536236 09/12/12 09:27AM09/11/12 06:03PM
Green Jobs State Labor Market Information Improvement Grantee Meeting and Research Symposium Agenda Download Now 754381 04/27/11 11:27AM04/25/11 12:03PM
Guide to BLS Compensation Sources Download Now 609987 09/11/12 05:27PM09/11/12 05:23PM
Healthcare Virtual Careers Platform 421159 03/28/11 07:53PM03/28/11 07:53PM
Image Map: Population Dynamics of the Great Plains: 1950 to 2007 Download Now 634308 07/16/09 09:24AM07/16/09 09:24AM
Improving the Occupational Employment Statistics Program to Measure Occupational Wage and Employment Growth 365147 03/28/11 06:48PM03/28/11 06:48PM
Labor Market Decision-Makers’ Need for Information in Today’s Economy 580215 03/28/11 06:11PM03/28/11 06:11PM
Local Employment Dynamics by Ron Jarmin 432164 03/28/11 06:45PM03/28/11 06:45PM
National Employment Statistics System (U.S. Code) 382127 03/30/11 09:17PM03/30/11 09:17PM
Native American Workforce Data Sources (NEW) Download Now 13211106 03/05/13 12:58PM08/01/12 02:04PM
O*NET - Competency Model - Career Lattice 2221566 09/10/13 11:27AM04/21/09 10:45AM
Population Dynamics of the Great Plains: 1950 to 2007 Download Now 774416 07/16/09 09:23AM07/16/09 09:23AM
Pre-Arrest Employment Data for Prisoners Download Now 1138384 07/16/13 11:12AM07/11/12 04:53PM
Providing Better Job Data to Consumers, Practitioners, and Policymakers 447161 03/30/11 08:37AM03/30/11 08:37AM
Reinventing the Occupational Outlook Handbook 399174 03/28/11 07:45PM03/28/11 07:45PM
Roadmap for a Demand-Driven Federal Labor Market Statistics System 370152 03/30/11 09:15PM03/30/11 09:15PM
Skills-Based Employment Projections System 520210 03/28/11 07:48PM03/28/11 07:48PM
State LMI Director Priorities for Investment in Labor Market Information 415149 03/30/11 09:20PM03/30/11 09:20PM
State LMI State-of-the-Art 446149 03/28/11 08:01PM03/28/11 08:01PM
Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems Grant Program 495188 03/28/11 06:30PM03/28/11 06:30PM
TA to States to Meet Economic and Workforce Information Analysis Requirements for State Planning 635247 05/02/12 04:02PM05/02/12 04:02PM
The 2008-2010 Recession in Maine: Responding to Stranded Workers 423148 03/28/11 06:14PM03/28/11 06:14PM
The Workforce Data Quality Initiative 424153 03/28/11 06:36PM03/28/11 06:36PM
Underemployed in America: How the Underemployed View Skills and Education Download Now 412221 05/22/13 05:24PM05/22/13 05:23PM
Understanding Layoff and Dislocated Worker Data Sources Download Now 2057758 10/11/12 03:15PM10/02/12 02:53PM
Workforce Information Council (WIC) Mission and Priorities 408170 02/27/12 04:10PM03/30/11 09:18PM
Youth and the Labor Force Download Now 1131362 09/30/13 06:52PM09/10/13 06:54PM