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The resources section contains all content that has been posted to date for this community of practice. Common resources might include best practices, replicable models, implementation plans, recorded webinars, videos, research documents, and data reports. Content is typically categorized in topic related folders.
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E-Learning - Translating LMI into Service Delivery - 6647N/A   
Kansas Jobs for the Future 2013N/A   
LMI, WI, and Workforce Profressional's Training and Certification Catalogues 2268N/A   
Career Path Planner Download Now 2130560 03/15/11 09:08AM08/20/09 08:49AM
Data Tools Checklist Download Now 2082568 03/15/11 09:12AM08/20/09 08:48AM
Disaster Assessment Handout Download Now 2033650 03/15/11 09:18AM08/17/09 01:51PM
Iowa LMI Training for Businesses Download Now 1899467 08/14/12 04:03PM08/07/12 08:00PM
Post-Secondary and Workforce Graphic 1828195 03/28/11 06:42PM03/28/11 06:42PM
Quick-Lesson Podcasts 361321 01/16/13 04:04PM02/27/12 01:31PM
WIN WIN Network Standard Operating Procedure for the NJ Real Time Jobs in Demand Tool Download Now 2000484 04/21/09 12:16PM04/21/09 12:16PM
Workforce Data Sources for Farmworker Program Staff 51000 04/23/13 05:48PM04/10/13 11:32AM