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In 2009, the American Recovery and Re-investment Act (Recovery Act) expanded the investment in states’ LMI systems as part of an overall strategy to create new jobs, save existing ones, spur economic activity, and invest in long-term growth. As part of the Recovery Act funding for green jobs, DOL awarded $50 million in state LMI improvement grants to 30 grantees, including 24 individual state workforce agencies (SWAs) and six consortia of SWAs. Grantees used the LMI funds to collect, analyze, and disseminate LMI and enhance the labor-exchange infrastructure for jobs and careers within the energy-efficiency and renewable-energy industries. Each SWA or consortium was required to form strategic partnerships to help facilitate efforts to improve LMI in the state. Grantees’ activities sought to benefit workers, job seekers, businesses, educational institutions, and the overall economy in their states or regions through the following efforts: • Measuring, describing, and projecting employment in green industries and occupations • Identifying career ladders and pathways to green jobs • Expanding and providing information about related training and employment opportunities • Developing competency models and electronic information tools In September 2010, ETA contracted with Mathematica Policy Research to examine the implementation of the LMI improvement grants, broadly document the activities of all grantees, and provide a detailed description of the activities and partnerships of a subset of grantees. The result of this research has been collected here and is available for community use and benefit.
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