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Workforce Data Trends

This folder contains tables and charts showing key workforce trends in employment, unemployment, compensation and earnings, education and training, and various types of labor market hardship. This resource includes the following major features.

1. For each table and chart, a brief narrative explains its major conclusions.

2. The data are drawn from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), U.S. Census Bureau, and other sources. For each type of data, the best source is used. The sources are listed, including a link if the data are published on the Internet.

3. The topics covered include unemployment (rates, reason for unemployment, and duration); employment (labor force participation, employment-to-population ratios, part-time work, self-employment, and multiple jobholding); compensation and earnings; and poverty (including the working poor).

4. The groups covered include gender, age. race, Hispanic origin, foreign-born and native-born, persons with disabilities, veterans, and labor union members.

5. Historical data are shown for as far back as possible, using consistent definitions and survey questions, and are as up to date as possible. Unless otherwise noted, the data reflect annual averages.

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Annual Earnings for Full-Time, Year-Round Workers Download Now 1222491 06/07/13 05:27PM06/05/13 01:53PM
Benefit Coverage Since 1979 Download Now 967242 07/22/13 07:15PM07/22/13 07:11PM
Compensation Trends (including benefits) Download Now 1073317 06/18/13 03:40PM06/14/13 03:32PM
Criminal Offenders: Earnings and Education Download Now 1176385 07/16/13 11:02AM07/09/13 06:33PM
Discouraged Workers and Others Not in the Labor Force Who Want a Job Download Now 1108354 06/14/13 01:40PM06/14/13 01:40PM
Education Gap: Young vs. Old Download Now 1072336 07/24/13 07:32AM07/15/13 06:57PM
Educational Attainment and Unemployment Download Now 1107378 06/14/13 03:52PM06/14/13 03:52PM
Educational Attainment Since 1940 Download Now 966292 07/23/13 12:15PM07/23/13 12:12PM
Employer-Based Health Insurance for Workers Download Now 1032303 10/21/13 03:01PM06/18/13 03:05PM
Employment by Age and Gender Download Now 1020337 06/26/13 05:44PM06/26/13 05:34PM
Government and Self-Employment Trends Download Now 1087288 06/13/13 03:39PM06/11/13 06:51PM
Growth and Decline of Selected Industries Since 1800 Download Now 1226417 06/11/13 11:11AM06/10/13 04:41PM
Job Openings, Hires, Layoffs, & Quits Download Now 1337345 07/23/13 02:33PM07/23/13 02:33PM
Labor Force and Employment by Race and Hispanic Origin Download Now 1100289 06/17/13 06:06PM06/12/13 05:41PM
Long-Term Unemployment Since 1948 Download Now 1085322 06/12/13 10:20AM06/11/13 07:01PM
Occupational Distribution of the Workforce Download Now 1353501 06/06/13 12:27PM06/06/13 12:13PM
Part-Time, Self-Employment, Multiple Jobholding, and Unionization Download Now 1260472 10/22/13 04:58PM05/23/13 04:04PM
Poverty Among Teens and Young Adults Download Now 989281 06/27/13 11:50AM06/27/13 11:47AM
Poverty Rates & the Working Poor Download Now 1296471 09/19/13 05:09PM05/23/13 05:56PM
Reasons for Leaving Jobs: Trends Download Now 680366 05/24/13 06:31PM05/24/13 06:31PM
Recessions and Unemployment Download Now 947258 07/11/13 12:05PM07/11/13 12:02PM
Unemployed Job Seekers per Job Opening Download Now 1225461 07/09/13 04:18PM07/09/13 04:17PM
Unemployment by Age Download Now 676416 06/05/13 05:18PM05/23/13 06:44PM
Unemployment by Gender & Race Download Now 1156445 06/18/13 03:36PM05/23/13 03:27PM
Unemployment for Vets, Disabled & Foreign-Born Download Now 1189458 06/07/13 05:31PM05/23/13 04:31PM
Unemployment Rates, 1890-Present Download Now 1420526 06/17/13 06:32PM05/23/13 01:26PM
Young Adults Who Didn't Finish High School Download Now 1091363 06/27/13 12:01PM06/27/13 12:00PM
Youth Earnings and Work Experience Download Now 1249313 06/28/13 10:35AM06/28/13 10:32AM