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What is a Wiki?

A Wiki is commonly used as a tool for members of a community to collaborate around a particular document. The use of a Wiki replaces older business practices of forwarding a document via email and attempting to keep track of which version is the most current. Wiki functionality also resembles what is commonly known as track changes that is an editing feature within MS Word. Wiki functionality will provide a revision history for all edits made to a particular document.

Before creating pages, we encourage you to read our Wiki Best Practices.

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Get Involved

Collaborative writing
The Wiki allows you to be the author, editor, and reader! Create new or modify existing content! Be sure to read our Wiki Best Practices before creating new content.

It's safe
The Wiki keeps a running history of all user changes. This allows you to easily revert to an older version of the document.

Commenting Policy
Be sure to check our Comment Policy before participating!