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LMI Customers and Their Needs WIC Study Group Report

Posted by Anthony Dais - On August 15, 2012 (EST)

The Workforce Information Council (WIC) chartered the Customer Consultation Study Group (CCSG) to assist the WIC and state workforce information departments in developing and implementing methods for obtaining feedback from customers regarding the relevance, adequacy, and usability of available labor market information and the methods of delivering that information.
To accomplish its mission, The CCSG asked the LMI Training Institute to:
- Identify the breadth and diversity of types of customers of state labor market information agencies.
- Provide general observations regarding the nature of these customers’ needs for services from state LMI agencies.
- Provide general observations regarding the extent to which customers believe that state LMI agencies are providing services that meet their needs.
- Recommend a framework for an approach by which state LMI agencies can regularly assess and respond to customer needs.
This report summarizes the key challenges facing state labor market information agencies and identifies the workforce information customer groups that use state LMI data. It also provides an assessment of state LMI customer needs, a summary of what states currently produce, how they disseminate what they produce, and how they solicit feedback. The report also offers implementation tips for state LMI agencies.

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