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A Profile of Pennsylvania's Unemployed People

Posted by Kathy Turski - On July 14, 2011 (EST)

In Pennsylvania and the United States, there are currently four to five unemployed people for every job opening.1 The current labor market situation and the cost of unemployment point to the importance of going beyond profiling unemployed Pennsylvanians to implement policies that reduce unemployment and help the jobless. To assist with the development of these policies, Pennsylvania has recently formed a Pennsylvania Task Force on Long-Term Unemployed, as a temporary sub-committee of the state Workforce Investment Board. This report provides a fact-based foundation for the work of the Task Force.

Research on the economic and social costs of unemployment, summarized near the end of this report, shows that unemployment can have devastating effects on individuals and families. Long-term declines in annual earnings for dislocated workers fall in the range of 20 percent. For a worker who was earning $50,000 per year, that’s an annual earnings loss of $10,000.

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