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Webinar: Real-Time Labor Market Information (ETA Regional Technical Assistance Project)

Posted by LMI Win-Win Network - On May 06, 2014 (EST)

Webinar: Real-Time Labor Market Information (ETA Regional Technical Assistance Project)

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration (ETA) held a Webinar April 30, 2014 on real-time labor market information (LMI) to explain its latest project, and to highlight the work of a leading state and city in in this field. Real-time LMI is based on data analyses of Internet-based job ads and other employment information, including resumes.

ETA is now assisting four West and Midwest states (Arizona, Oregon, Indiana, and Minnesota) — which possess varied experience with real-time LMI — to initiate or expand their efforts. The 90-minute Webinar explains the project, and showcases how Pennsylvania and New York City have exploited this relatively new data resource. ETA, through this project and others, strongly encourages all states to make use of real-time LMI, and is planning future Webinars on this subject.

The PowerPoint, recording and transcript of this Webinar are available at Real-Time Labor Market Information - Regional Technical Assistance Project.

For more details about Pennsylvania and New York City’s work, see the following links.

For Pennsylvania, see PA Fast Facts (which includes both new hires and real-time data, near the end), and PA Advertised Job Data and Supply and Demand (2 separate options under “Historical Data Analysis” in the lower left side of the screen).

For New York City, see New York City Labor Market Information Service (Web site homepage) and Do Online Job Ads Predict Hiring?.

ETA has for several years supported state research, investment, and data products and tools developed from real-time LMI. Although many states workforce agencies and state workforce investment boards are doing innovative work with real-time job and resume data, others have not yet begun harnessing real-time LMI to improve decision making and performance outcomes.

Many of ETA’s Recovery Act State LMI Improvement grantees focused on using real-time LMI to meet a variety of needs and objectives. For an overview of real-time LMI emanating from this project, see this practitioner brief, Using Real-Time LMI To Explore Green Jobs. For more information on the LMI Recovery Act grants, a “Catalogue of Products from State LMI Improvement Grants” and other resources from this major project can be found at ARRA LMI Grant Products Issued.

For other good overviews of real-time LMI and studies making good use of these data, see ETA’s forum on Real-Time Data. For a comparison of real-time job ad trends and U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) JOLTS data on job vacancies, see ETA’s tables and charts on Unemployed Job Seekers per Job Opening.

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