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CWIA Presentations

Pennsylvania's Workforce:
What are the Jobs of Tomorrow?

This presentation provides educators and guidance counselors with a basic understanding of the occupational data available to identify emerging careers for students. Also included are some key occupational research tools, such as O*Net, job spidering and the soon-to-be-released career exploration tool. June 2011

Analyzing Pennsylvania's Employment Picture

This presentation will use statewide and local area press releases to explain the different employment data that is available from the Center for Workforce Information & Analysis (CWIA).
Career Opportunities
in Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics

This presentation focuses on Career Opportunities in STEM occupations, specifically those in manufacturing. Emphasis is placed on specific occupations within manufacturing with a positive outlook. May 2011

Green Research: Then and Now

This presentation reviews findings from the most recent green research. Also included is a demonstration of a new career exploration tool, which has a specific module on green jobs. May 2011

Industries and Occupations:
The Keystones of Labor Market Information (LMI)

This presentation will focus on labor market information (LMI) from the perspective of occupational and industry analysis and tools available. May 2011

The Use of Fast Facts and Real-Time
Labor Market Information in Pennsylvania

This presentation will highlight new tools and resources that showcase real-time data and job spidering technology. Help Wanted OnLine (HWOL), job spidering, Fast Facts and New Hire data will be discussed, along with ways in which the information can be accessed, disseminated and used in daily work. May 2011

Using Unemployment Compensation Information
to Understand Your Local Economy

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