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Geographical Economic and Employment Data (podcast)

Posted by LMI Win-Win Network - On January 10, 2013 (EST)

This presentation will help you understand how the Federal government defines different geographic terms, and supplies tips for finding different types of economic and employment geographical data. It's part of a series of podcasts we offer to help individuals understand and use labor market data.

It’s written simply, and presumes no previous subject matter or statistical knowledge. We provide a podcast roughly 11 minutes long plus a 2 page transcript. The podcast and transcript can be used either separately or together: the links can't be accessed from the podcasts, but the podcasts include visuals not available in the transcripts.

* To view the podcast, click on the arrow in the lower left corner of the box below. To view it at full-screen size, click on the 4 small arrows in the lower right corner of the box.
* To read the transcript, click on “Geographical Economic and Employment Data” on the right side of this screen.

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