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Mismatch: College Majors & Jobs

Posted by LMI Win-Win Network - On November 18, 2013 (EST)

Mismatch Between College Majors and Jobs

Replicating the findings of other recent research, the polling firm Harris Interactive (in a survey done for CareerBuilder) found that 32 percent of college-educated workers reported that had not held a job related to their college major. Even restricting the findings to those aged 35 and older didn't significantly alter the results (31 percent), although with experience the degree-employment match improved, as nearly half (47 percent) of college-educated workers said their first job after college was not related to their college major. Some 36 percent of all college-educated workers wished they had chosen a different major.

The survey was conducted online from August 13 to September 6, 2013, and included a representative sample of 2,134 workers across industries and company sizes who graduated from college — but was restricted to full-time workers outside of government employment.

See One-Third of College-Educated Workers Do Not Work in Occupations Related to Their College Major.

For recent research with similar findings, see College Degree Needed? and College Graduates’ Occupational Mismatches.

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