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Tangled Up in Data? — Putting LMI to Work in Employment & Education Programs (NEW)

Posted by LMI Win-Win Network - On June 16, 2013 (EST)

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Tangled Up in Data? — Putting Workforce Data to Work in Employment & Education Programs

 In this U.S. Employment and Training Administration (ETA) Webinar, we show you how to use workforce data to identify growing and in-demand jobs, determine which of them are “good” jobs, and ascertain what preparatory education and training are needed to qualify for them.  Drawing upon the best governmental and private sector sources, we explain them, outline their strengths and limitations, provide guidance on oft-used terms like “high growth” and “good jobs,” and help you to avoid common pitfalls. 

The Webinar also identifies some of the best multi-purpose E-Tools that incorporate workforce data, job ads, and other job-related information in one place — including a new resource that explains what kind of information is available from different E-Tools. 

See especially the 


1. Webinar PowerPoint and Transcript.  The oral presentation (which you can access through either the recording or the transcript) has information and advice beyond that covered in the PowerPoint.  For your convenience, we’ve annotated the transcript with references to the PowerPoint slides, which closely mimics the experience of listening to the recording while taking much less of your time.  

2. Workforce Data, Job Openings and Other Information Available from Selected Federal Multi-Purpose E-Tools.

Workforce Data Presentation Outline

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