Labor Market Information: Win-Win Network Community of Practice

Test score trends are discouraging for high school students in 8 subjects. Given sporadic testing of adult skills, NAEP tests of juniors and seniors are one of the best sources on the skills that adults likely possess. To our knowledge, this compilation of 1969-2012 NAEP scores is available nowhere else but here: reading and writing; math and science; and history, economics, civics, and geography.


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A WIN-WIN for Workforce Information Producers, Innovators, Suppliers, and Consumers

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The WIN-WIN Network Community of Practice’s goal is to advance the application and integration of data, analysis, and research to decision making in national and regional workforce and economic development and economic recovery by establishing and supporting an active national community of practice that will:

  • Identify demonstrated practices and partnerships that have made effective use of data analysis and research in shaping critical regional workforce and economic development decisions and strategies. 

  • Share practices, methods, and techniques that help to facilitate and improve the application and integration of data, analysis and research among data producers and data consumers.

  • Encourage and promote capacity building and skill development on the part of data producers and consumers to make better use of established data sources and new tools and technology that support analysis and research.

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